1. Can anyone buy your products – soda ash light?
Ans:Yes, we sell to individuals and corporate customers in bulk. Our customers are all over Asia and different parts of South America.

2. Who do I contact if I want to enquire about your products and buying them?
Ans:You can contact the Marketing Department at email address or by phone during working hours, where the details of the above two of different offices are given in our contact us page.

3. What process do I have to follow in order to buy your products?
Ans: Customers are required to comply with our order processing procedures which entail the following steps:

  • If a customer is interested in purchasing soda ash light, they must fill our order now form for a Proforma Invoice. Form clearly indicates the product to be purchased, the destination country and the quantity required
  • On receipt of the request, Tradeasia will send the customer a Proforma Invoice confirming unit price, total quantity, total price, total VAT (where applicable), destination country and other important details.

4. What are the other terms and conditions for doing business with Tradeasia?
Ans:Please click our terms and condition link below to have an elaborate look of privacy policy and terms and conditions.

5. From where shall i get Soda Ash?
Ans:To download TDS and MSDS of soda ash dense, click here.