Soda Ash Light

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Soda Ash Light - Overview

Soda ash commonly called as washing soda and it’s a sodium salt of carbonic acid. Soda ash is an economic importance chemical because of its applications in manufacturing glass, chemicals, paper, detergents and many other industries. Sodium carbonate commonly occurs in nature in three different forms of hydrates such as sodium carbonate decahydrate (Natron), sodium carbonate heptahydrate and sodium carbonate monohydrate (thermonatrite).
Soda Ash Light


In textile it’s used in dyeing fiber. Soda ash light is used in soap and detergent industries where it acts as filler and helps in providing a smooth finish to the finished product. Aside that, it’s also used in other industries, such as food, glass, paper, and raw material productions.

Threads Soda Ash Light Application

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